The gate is thought to date frin the time of Sultan Suleiman, although the lions on its facade are those of the later Egyptian Sultan Beibars. During the time of Christ, in this vicinity stood, the Probatic Gate (sheep Gate), so called because of the large flocks of sheep that used to be brought here for sale to those about to sacrifice in the Temple.
The road inside leads to the Via Dolorosa. About 300 feet from the Gate is a massive Herodian Tower, incorporated into the present fortification. Further south is the beautiful facade of the (closed) Golden Gate, with its ornate Byzantine arches.
It has also been called St. Mary's Gate because the tomb of St. Mary is located just to the east of it in the Kidron Valley.
This is the only Jerusalem gate that opens to the east of the Old City. Known in Hebrew as the Lion's Gate. Legend has it that the lions engraved on both sides of the gate were placed there by the Ottoman Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent, because he had dreamed that he would be devoured by lions unless he built a wall around the Holy City for the defence of the citizens.
ST. Stephen's Gate, The Lion's Gate also Sheep Gate is located in the Old City Walls of Jerusalem and is one of seven Gates in Jerusalem Old City Walls. The Lion gate in Jerusalem - sheep gate Jerusalem. The Lions' Gate is not to be confused with Zion Gate in the Old City Wall, located in the south, leading to the Jewish Quarter and Armenian Quarter.
ST. STEPHEN'S GATE is so called by Europeans because tradition points out the place of the martyr's stoning near here; it is called the Lions' Gate, ("sha'ar Ha'arayot") by the Jews because if the sculptured lions that adorn it eastern front. The Arabs call it Bab Asbat ("the Gate of the Tribes"); Christian Arab (and others) call it Bab Sitti Miryam ("the Gate if our Lady Mary"), since it leads out to the Church of the Virgin, near Gethsemane.
Lion's Gate - Located in the east wall, the entrance leads to the Via Dolorosa
Israeli paratroops from the 55th Paratroop Brigade came through this gate during the Six-Day War and unfurled the Israeli flag above the Temple Mount. - Lions Gate
St. Stephen's Gate
St. Stephen's Gate
This gate is so named because of the tradition that the first Christian martyr was stoned outside this gate. However an earlier tradition locates this execution north of the city.
Lions' Gate is another name for this eastern entrance into the Old City because of the four animals that decorate the gate's facade and reportedly placed there because of a dream of the builder Suleiman.
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St. Stephen's Gate Jerusalem

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