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Beautiful lanterns are suspended from the ceiling of the lower church. Photo

Tomb of the Virgin Mary

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Mary's Tomb is a tomb in the Kidron near Jerusalem attributed to Mary, the mother of Jesus. It is located at the foot of Mount of Olives near the Church of All Nations.

Tomb of the Virgin Mary Jerusalem

After crossing the Brook of Kidron, the first monument we see on the left at the foot of the Mount of Olives is the Church of the Assumption erected upon the tomb that received the mortal remains of the Blessed Virgin. From the Mary's Tomb she was taken into heaven, for not being subject to the yoke of sin she bore not the consequences of sin, which are the corruption of the flesh. Therefore, she only went through the tomb but did not delay there; her tomb became the shrine of her glorious Assumption into Heaven. - Mary's Tomb
Quick Facts
Names: Tomb of the Virgin, Tomb of the Virgin Mary,
Mary's Tomb, Church of St. Mary of Jehosaphat
Type of site: Biblical site; church; Crusader site Location:
Base of the Mount of Olives, Valley of Jehosaphat, Jerusalem, Israel Hours: Mon-Sat 6-12, 2:30-5 Cost: Free
Bus: 37, Palestinian bus 36
Mary's Tomb, the mother of Jesus, is marked by one of Jerusalem´┐Żs most venerable churches
Church of the Tomb of the Virgin the church known also as the Church of the Assumption.
The four canonical
all agree that it was Mary visiting Jesus' tomb, though which Mary this Mary is, and whether she was on her own, varies between the texts - Mary's Tomb

Mary's tomb and church in Mount of olives, Jerusalem.
The tomb is an empty stone bench. On the side facing the western entrance are three holes that were cut into the stone and allow the visitors to touch the inside of the Mary's tomb.
Pilgrims and residents come here to light up a torch and pray to the virgin Mary's Tomb.

South to the exterior court of Mary's tomb, and adjacent to the bridge over the valley, is the tomb of a 15th C Jerusalem Judge - Mujir e-Din - Explores the question where Mary died and was buried, either Jerusalem or Ephesus. Mary's tomb
The Tomb of the Virgin is venerated by Muslims because, during his Night Journey from Mecca to Jerusalem, the Prophet Muhammad saw a light over
Mary's tomb
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