Jerusalem Thoroughfares

Hebron-King David-Bar-Lev Boulevard -

Begin Expressway

Ben Yehuda Street

Emek Refaim Street

Golomb-Herzog-Ben-Zvi Boulevard

Herzl Boulevard

Jaffa Road - Jaffa Road (Hebrew�, Rehov Yaffo�) is one of the longest and oldest streets in Jerusalem. It crosses the city from east to west, from the Old City walls to downtown Jerusalem...

King George V Street

Bethlehem Road (part of Highway 60)

Bezek Road

Gaza Road

Keren HaYesod Street

Yigal Yadin Boulevard

Derekh Hebron

Jerusalem Thoroughfares

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No one who's ever been stuck in Jerusalem's notorious traffic jams could deny that the Holy City desperately needs a mass transit system, like other big cities. After all, many of Jerusalem's thoroughfares still follow ancient mule and camel paths - and the pace of traffic moves accordingly.
But Jerusalem isn't like other cities and events here, even the most prosaic, take on an apocalyptic hue, tinged with homey provincialism.
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Jaffa Road in the 19th century
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Davidka Square
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Jaffa Road in the 19th century