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Jerusalem Youth Hostels

Hashimi Hotel & Hostel - The Hashimi is slightly more expensive than other hostels but well worth it for the beautiful rooms and an amazing roof-garden with fabulous views
Souk Khan El-Zeit #73, Jerusalem - +972-54-5474189 Reception: +972-2-628-4410

Jaffa Gate Hostel - Welcome to the Jaffa Gate Hostel. LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION See the most beautiful view from our roof top.
Jaffa Gate Hostel | Old City, Jaffa Gate, in front of David's Tower
Jerusalem, Israel | Tel: 0097226276402 brings you the best selection of Jerusalem hostels. This page shows a listing of ALL hostels in Jerusalem regardless of availability. To find out about pricing and availability of Jerusalem hostels, please contact the featured Jerusalem hostels are listed at the top of this page.
Jerusalem Tours - Guide to Jerusalem, featuring up-to-date information on attractions, hotels, restaurants, nightlife, travel tips and more.
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Car Rental Jerusalem - Jerusalempedia present a comprehensive directory of Jerusalem car rental companies.
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Mount of olives hotel Jerusalem
Bet Bernstein - Town Centre 1 Keren Hayessod Street | More Info
Avissar's House - 12 hamevasser Street 94113 | More Info
House 57 B&B - 57 Sinai Deser Street Ramat Eshkol, 97805 | More Info
Tabasco Hostel (Old City) - 8 Aqabat al Takieh | More Info
Hebron Youth Hostel - 8 Aqabat al-Takiya | More Info
Austrian Hospice | Via Dolorosa 37 Old City, 91194 | More Info
Christ Church Guest House -Bldg 55 Omar ibn al-Khattab Sq Old City, Jaffa Gate, Mamilla, 91140 | More Info
El Malak Youth Hostel - 18 El-Malak St & 27 Ararat St Armenian Quarter, 91145 | More Info
Jerusalem Forest - PO Box 3353 91032 | More Info
Hotel East New Imperial - Omar Bin Khattab 14085 | More Info
Faisal Youth Hostel - HaNevi'im Street 4 | More Info
Ein Karem - PO Box 16091 | More Info
Le Sixteen B & B - 16 Sinai Desert Rd Ramat Eshkol, 97805 | More Info
Petra Hostel - 1 David St Old City, Jaffa Gate, Mamilla, 91140 | More Info
St Andrews Guesthouse - 1 David Remez Street 91086 | More Info
Golden Gate Inn - 10 Souq Khan al-Zeit Old City, 97415 | More Info
Hadavidka - 67 Hanevi'imst P.O. Box 37110 | More Info
Ecco Homo Convent - 41 Via Dolorosa Old City, 91190 | More Info
Kaplan - 1 Havazelet Street 94224 | More Info
Casa Nova Pilgrim Hospice - 10 Casa Nova St Old City, 91013 | More Info

Jerusalem Hostels

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