The Tower of David Museum can be also called, the museum of the history of Jerusalem, introduction to 4,000 years of Jerusalem's rich and colorful history.
The Tower Of  David Museum - Where Jerusalem Begins
The Tower of David is one of the most beautiful and original locations for a museum anywhere in the world and is the best introduction to 4,000 years of Jerusalem rich and colorful history.
Located in the magnificently restored citadel, the museum stands in the heart of Jerusalem at a point where the city's ancient history to the east meets the blooming new city of Jerusalem to the west.
Inside the guardrooms of the citadel, the exhibition presents Jerusalem's history through a series of specially-designed models, illustrations, moving and static, and multi-media displays that relate the history in a chronological manner, focusing on the main events of each period.
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Tower Of David Museum
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Jaffa Gate and the Citadel (david's Tower)
The Tower of David Museum �.
Where Jerusalem begins! Don't miss it!
Postal Address: P.O.BOX 14005, Jaffa Gate, Jerusalem 91140
Telephone: +972-2-6265333 ,Fax: +972-2-6283418
24 hour information line: +972-2-6265310
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The museum allows the visitor to revisit Jerusalem's history and to leave the citadel with a clear overview of the city's past. The exhibition ensures that the special importance of Jerusalem to the three largest monotheistic religions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam is understood and appreciated. In addition to the permanent exhibition, the Tower of David Museum also houses temporary exhibitions that approach Jerusalem's history and culture in original and innovative ways. The range of exhibitions has been vast, from art, architecture, photography to even the spices and tastes of Jerusalem. In spring and summer months, concerts and performing arts take place outside in the courtyard and archeological gardens of the citadel. Private events, parties and conferences can also be arranged. A variety of interactive guided programs and activities are available for children, youths and adults in a wide range of languages organized by the Education Department.
The Museum houses a permanent collection of ethnic costumes relating to the city. Models show the structure of the buildings, whilst a multi-screen slide show brings to life the historical aspects. During the summer months visitors can enjoy an audio-visual presentation, when the very stones seem to come alive at the excitement of the pomp and ceremony of the story of Jerusalem being told.