Names of Jerusalem Jerusalem has been many names in many different languages. The Jews have seventy (70) different names for Jerusalem.
Jerusalem´┐Żs Name. The etymology of the name Jerusalem is not certain; it is apparently of Semitic origin. An Egyptian notice from the third quarter of the nineteenth century B.C. mentions Urusalimum. The Assyrians called it Ursalimmu. Modern scholars take these names to mean "founded by the god Shalem," a god of the Amorites (Jerusalem is said to have been founded by Amorites and Hittites; (Ezek 16:3,45).
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Names of Jerusalem

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Ancient Jerusalem Names

In time, however, the second part of the name became associated with shalom ("peace") in Hebrew minds, and Jerusalem came to mean "city of peace." Romans and Greeks called it Hierosolyma. To the Arabs it is El Kuds, meaning "holy town."
The first city of Palestine, and the "holy city" for three great world religions: Christianity, Judaism, and Islam.

Jerusalem Biblical Names - Names of Jerusalem
In the Book of Genesis, Salem or Shalem is the name of the city during the time of Abraham. It is ruled by Melchizedek, whose name denotes a righteous king. Salem is also regarded as a shorter name for Jerusalem.

Jerusalem is the name most commonly used in the Bible, and is the preferred name in Jewry and the Western World.
In the Book of Genesis, Moriah is the name of the Temple Mount at a time when it is uninhabited. It is the place where, in the Jewish and Christian traditions, Abraham attempts the sacrifice of his son Isaac.
In the Old Testament, Jebus is the name of the Canaanite fortress on the Temple Mount during the time of King David. The name refers to the large threshing floor on the Temple Mount around which the fortress was built. David conquers Jebus and establishes Jerusalem on its place as the new capital. The threshing floor was subsequently purchased by David as the site of the Temple.
Zion or Sion is a traditional name for the Temple Mount and the city surrounding its slopes.
Ariel is a poetic name for Jerusalem. In modern times however, the name is more often used for the city of Ari'el in the Judeah and Samaria, some miles away from Jerusalem.
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