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The Hebrew University Jerusalem in Israel (JHU) is one of Israel's oldest, largest, and most important institutes of higher learning and research. It is one of eight universities in Israel, and is recognized internationally as a member of the 100 most outstanding academic institutions in the world.
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Hebrew University of Jerusalem Israel

Hebrew University of Jerusalem

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The Hebrew University developed a world renowned reputation for its studies in the sciences and in religion, a subject in which it possesses abundant resources, including the world's largest Jewish studies collection, and has been home to many seminary researchers and teachers in various fields, including Gershom Scholem, Martin Buber, Michael O. Rabin, Daniel Kahneman, Yeshayahu Leibowitz, David Gross, Saharon Shelah, and Robert Aumann.
Hebrew University Jerusalem Address
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem Mount Scopus, Jerusalem 91905 ISRAEL
Jerusalem Hebrew University
The Jerusalem Hebrew University, founded in 1918, was inaugurated in the presence of Lord Balfour in April 1925. The campus on Mt. Scopus included the Jewish National Library as well as faculties for the sciences, medicine, law, literature and architecture. The Hadassah hospital and nursing school were built nearby in 1939. Humming with all the activity of a lively campus, the entire complex was suddenly evacuated in April 1948 after the ambush and murder of a convoy of seventy-eight staff members of the university and the hospital.
Ram campus, the Jerusalem University continued to thrive and expand. The new campus was officially dedicated in 1954. Modern faculty buildings are surrounded by lawns and fountains; the unusual white-domed synagogue is an outstanding landmark in Jerusalem. Most of the students are Israeli, although each year the influx of foreign students grows stronger.

Jerusalem Hebrew University Ram Campus

Jerusalem Hebrew University After the Six Day War

The Hebrew University after the Six Day War the original Mt. Scopus campus was modernized and refurnished. It has now been amalgamated with the Givat Ram Campus forming one dynamic student body - the Hebrew University of Jerusalem
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