The German Colony
The historical German Colony is located in southern Jerusalem and expands from both sides of Emek Refaim street.

Baka is a unique neighborhood with old Arab houses, many of which have been renovated and expanded. The neighborhood stretches out on both sides of Derech Beit Lechem.

The neighborhood of Talbieh is one of the most beautiful in the city, and is thought of as one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in Jerusalem.

The neighborhood of Rechavia, one of the most interesting from an architectural and historical perspective, is located north of the neighborhood of Talbieh and Old Katamon, and is right next to Shaare Hesed.

Shaare Hesed
The religious neighborhood of Shaare Hesed is at the edge of the neighborhood of Rechavia. It is a quiet and wealthy neighborhood with a warm atmostphere.

Old Katamon
Old Katamon, built at the time of the British Mandate and known as the "Flower Garden of Jerusalem," is located between the neighborhood of Talbieh to the north and the new neighborhoods to the south and southeast.

Arnona, located on the edge of old Talpiyot and Baka, is a pleasant neighborhood. It is a unique suburb, divided into houses of many different styles and sizes, many with private entrances and private parking.

The center of the city of Jerusalem includes both King George street and Jaffa street, both running in the north-south direction until intersecting at a point.
Jerusalem Real Estate Property Guide. Sale, Rent Database Directory in Jerusalem Israel Capital City neighborhoods.
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Jerusalem Real Estate Property Guide. Sale, Rent Database Directory in Israel's Capital City neighborhoods. Maps, Views, Photos.

Jerusalem Real Estate Background

This article was written out of love to the holiest city on earth, Jerusalem. Jerusalem combines modern life with tales and wonders spreading thousands of years back in time. It's historical value is priceless and to this day it is the most sacred place to Christianity, Islam and Judaism. If you ever been to Jerusalem you know that there is something in the air. In a way, it feels as if the past was never gone and everywhere you look you see stories, old and new, combined into a magical experience of colorful sights, sounds, smells and exotic tastes that appeal to all your senses. If you are a real-estate lover, this article will provide you with a glimpse into the most desirable districts of Jerusalem. But beware, no words can do justice to these places - you must sense it for yourself.
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