Heichal Shlomo Jerusalem The Great Sunagogue Jerusalem
Heichal Shlomo located adjacent to the Great Synagogue on King George Street, Jerusalem. The building currently contains the Jewish Heritage Museum, Renanim Synagogue, office space and an auditorium.
The plot of land next to Heichal Shlomo was purchased with the efforts of Dr Moshe Avrohom Yaffe, chairman of the Board of Management of Heichal Shlomo.
The main sponsor for construction of the new synagogue was Sir Isaac Wolfson, a Jewish philanthropist form Britain. The Wolfson family consecrated the synagogue in the memory of the six million Jews who perished in the holocaust and to the fallen soldiers of Israel Defense Forces.
The style of the building was modeled on the Jewish Temple which once stood in Jerusalem. The inauguration took place on Tu B'Av 1982. Naftali Hershtik was appointed the chief cantor of the synagogue, a position he holds to this day.
The sanctuary seats 850 men and 550 women.
A comprehensive private collection of mezuzah cases is on show inside the entrance hall.
The Great Synagogue in Jerusalem was built in 1982, this gigantic prayer hall lives up to its name. The doors leading into the marble floored and chandelier lined foyer are designed to replicate the grand entrance to the first and second Temples. Enjoy the beauty of the two storey stained glass windows and plush seating. The services are traditional as women sit on the second floor balcony.The lobby contains a collection of mezuzahs (small rectangle box that is affixed to the doorposts of Jewish homes) from around the world. Shabbat services are Friday evening and Saturday morning.
As early as 1923 the Chief Rabbi’s of Israel, Abraham Kook and Jacob Meir, mooted plans for a large central synagogue in Jerusalem. It was over 30 years later in 1958 when Heichal Shlomo, seat of the Israeli Rabbinate, was founded, that a small synagogue was established within the building. As time progressed and the need for more space grew, services were moved and held in the foyer of Heichal Shlomo. Soon afterwards, when the premises could not hold the number of worshippers attending, it was decided that a new, much larger synagogue be built.
The First Temple building inspired this impressive structure
A short walking distance from King David Street is the former seat of the Israeli Rabbinate and of the Supreme Rabbinical Court. The First Temple building inspired this impressive structure. Next door there is a magnificent synagogue and museum for artistic Jewish holy artifacts.
THE EXPERIENCE: Tours - Group tours can be arranged during the morning hours (9:00 - 12:00 noon) on Sundays-Thursdays. Please make advance arrangements, because if there is an event taking place in the Synagogue during that time, we are unable to accommodate visitors.
Please note that, to enter the Sanctuary, visitors must be appropriately attired: Men must have head covering and women must wear modest dress.
Appointments for tours may be arranged with our General Director,
Rabbi George Finkelstein via fax: +972-2-625-5361 or e-mail: rgbf@aol.com. Please indicate the day of the week, date, expected time of arrival, number of people in the group and the telephone number of a contact person. The tour lasts approximately 30 minutes.
Street Address:
The Jerusalem Great Synagogue
56 King George Street
Mailing Address:
The Jerusalem Great Synagogue
POB 7924
Jerusalem 91078
Office Phone: +972-2-623-0628
Director General:
Rabbi George Finkelstein
The American Friends of The Jerusalem Great Synagogue
c/o Shapiro and Shapiro
1300 Flatbush Avenue
Brooklyn, New York 11210
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