Offering a combination of modern and traditional French food with the ingredients and flavours of the Mediterranean, this charming restaurant offers a high level of service and extensive wine list. Since opening in the mid-1990s, it has become increasingly popular and offers a selection of excellent dishes.

Rehov Ben Sira 1, West Jerusalem Tel: (02) 624 2945. Price: A three course meal for one Over 120NIS

Michael Andrew
This gourmet restaurant is famous for its multitude of fish platters, but is equally popular for its views over the Old City taking in the Ramparts and Citadel of David. Be sure to reserve a window seat or if the weather is warm enough ask for the balcony table where the nighttime views of the illuminated Old City are particularly stunning.

12 Emile Botta Street, West Jerusalem | Tel: (02) 624 0090. | Price: 180NIS

Mishkenot Shaananim
With a wine cellar reputed to be one of the biggest and best in the world, and food made of the highest quality ingredients, it's no wonder that Mishkenot Shaananim has been the choice of VIP guest for over 20 years. This is documented by the photographs at the entrance that includes Golda Meir, Yitzhak Rabin, Jacques Chirac and John Le Carr?. The d?cor is somewhat old-fashioned but the service is excellent and through the large windows is a view that takes you over the walls of the old city, Mount Zion, the Citadel of David and towards the edge of the Judean Desert.

Yemin Moshe, West Jerusalem | Tel: (02) 625 1042. | Price: Over 180NIS

An Israeli-Oriental restaurant with a touch of Jewish-Kurdish cooking, Ima is located in a charmingly renovated house taking up several rooms and including a terrace. Private parking is available for guests. There is a separate business lunch menu that is good value.

189 Agrippas Street, West Jerusalem | Tel: (02) 624 6860. | Price: About 180NIS

Mamma Mia
Set in a recently renovated old stone building with its well-kept garden, this is one of Jerusalem's most beautiful restaurants and one that combines the original architecture with modern comfort. Mamma Mia is owned and managed by a family of Milanese roots and culinary tradition and was one of the first Italian restaurants in the city. It offers the range of traditional Italian food - pizzas and pasta and a selection of desserts.

38 King George Street, West Jerusalem | Tel: (02) 624 8080. | Price: About 180NIS
Restaurants in Jerusalem Israel prices are subject to 18.25% VAT (Value Added Tax). Service charges of 10-15% are generally added to the restaurant bill, if not a tip of this amount, depending on the quality of the service, is expected.

Jerusalem is less chic and cosmopolitan than Tel Aviv—no question about it - but you can still eat very well in the Holy City. Some cuisine designations are self-explanatory, but other terms may be less so. A restaurant advertising itself as "dairy" will serve meals without meat; many such places do fish, in addition to pasta, soup, and salads. "Oriental" on a sign is usually a literal translation of mizrachi, suggesting Middle Eastern (in contrast to Western). "Kosher" does not imply a particular style of cooking, only that certain religious restrictions are adhered to in the selection and preparation of the food. Remember that kosher restaurants are closed for Friday dinner and Saturday lunch in observation of the Jewish Sabbath.
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