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Jaffa Road Jerusalem

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Jaffa Road is one of the longest and oldest streets in Jerusalem. Jaffa Road, as the name implies, was the road that led from Jaffa - on the coast to the Old City of Jerusalem. The road ended at the Jaffa Gate. The route along which the road to Tel Aviv runs today first came into use following the Crusades, in the Middle Ages.
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The dirt track was paved with stones in the middle of the nineteenth century, and guard towers were erected along it in order to make the two-day journey a little safer. The first guard tower still stands today - and is used as the Mahane Yehuda market police station.
From the second half of the nineteenth century, as the Jewish population of the city moved outside the city walls, Jaffa Road became Jerusalem's main street. Businesses, banks, and offices were all located along it or near it. Jaffa Road was the first street in Jerusalem to have trees planted along it, the first street to be lit at night, and the site of the first public park.
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Jaffa road Jerusalem map
Places on Jaffa Road
Central Bus Station 2. Israel Railways station (planned) 3. Mahane Yehuda Market 4. Klal Center 5. Ben Yehuda Street 6. Nahalat Shiva 7. Generali Building 8. Safra Square / City Hall 9. Old City 10. Mamilla 11. Jaffa Gate / Tower of David
Jaffa Road - Squares
A. Davidka Square B. Zion Square C. Tzahal Square
Jaffa Road Jerusalem in the 19th century
Jaffa Road Jerusalem in the 19th century