It has consequently always been seen in terms of military importance; Titus, the First Crusade and General Allenby all used the place to pitch camp. Today about 3,000 of Allenby's troops continue to look over the city from their impeccable cemetery.
The Hebrew University was founded here in 1925, and from 1948 to 1967 it was an Israeli enclave in Jordan. After 1967 the University and its hospital were refounded and now dominate the skyline. Stunning views.
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Mount Scopus is an eastern Jerusalem hill. Mount Scopus is in the northeast corner of Jerusalem. Neighborhoods near Mount Scopus include French Hill to the north, and Sheik Al Jarra to the Southwest.
Unlike East Jerusalem, Mount Scopus Jerusalem was held by Israel during the 1948 Arab-Israeli War Arab-Israeli, and existed as an exclave of Israel inside Jordanian territory. Israeli sovereignty over Mt. Scopus is internationally recognized. Today, Mount Scopus lies inside Israel's official borders for the city of Jerusalem.
Mount Scopus name is the Greek translation of the Hebrew word "harsofim" (to look over), as it is one of the few places from which can be seen both The Dead Sea and the Dome of the Rock.
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Very rare footage of British Zionist Lord Balfour giving a messianic speech on Mount Scopus in Jerusalem, the year 1925.
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Mount Scopus - Landmarks

Mount Scopus Hotel, Jerusalem

Mount Scopus Hotel enjoys one of the most favored locations in all Jerusalem. It is apart from the rush and noise of the metropolis, yet within walking distance of the historical and biblical sites of the Holy City. Jerusalem Hotels
Mount Scopus Hotel
10 Sheikh Jarrah Street
Jerusalem 91196
Tel: +972 2 582 8891
The Hebrew University campus and tower on Mount Scopus from the south

Mount Scopus Jerusalem

Mt. Scopus Jerusalem - Library

Useful Info Address:Hebrew University - Bloomfield Library for Humanities and Social Sciences
Mount Scopus Jerusalem, 91905 Israel
Telephone Numbers: Voice Answering System: 972-2-5883397
Fax: 972-2-5322435
Mount Scopus Jerusalem

Mount Scopus

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