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Beitar Jerusalem Football Club
Beitar Yerushalayyim, also known as Beitar Yerushalayyim is one of the most Israel's most popular soccer team in Israel.
Beitar players play in Teddy Stadium (Teddy_Kollek_Memorial_Stadium) (capacity 23,000) in the Malkha complex in Jerusalem, nicknamed Gehinom ("Hell") for the hostile atmosphere they present to visiting teams and their fans. Beitar has the largest number of fans, and is the richest club, in Israel.
Beitar Jerusalem is the local football club, they known of having the most dedicated fans and not very sportive sometimes
In 1980 Beitar Jerusalem's potentially historic season cascaded in the face of a season-ending injury to striker
Uri Malmilian. The team finished the season at the bottom of the National League, and fell to the A League. The following season a new striker, Eli Ohana, joined the team, and became the face of the modern club.
Under tycoon Gaydamak, the club soon established itself as having the largest budget in the Israeli league.
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Beitar Jerusalem Football Club
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