Jerusalem's Changing Demographics
Since the 1860s, there has been a Jewish majority in Jerusalem. With high Arab growth rate and the increasing flight of Jews from the city, how much longer will Jews be the majority in Jerusalem?

Jerusalem - A Demographic Problem for Israel

As of 2005, Jerusalem is home to 475,000 Jews and 245,000 Arabs. This 66 percent Jewish - 34 percent Arab ratio is narrowing by about 1 percentage point a year.

As Jerusalem�s Arab population swells and Jewish population shrinks, Israelis are becoming increasingly concerned about the difficulty of maintaining Jerusalem�s status as the eternal capital of the Jewish State in the future.
Jerusalem Population by Age

In 1996 about 44% of Jerusalem's total population was between the ages of 0-19, and of them, approximately 13% were between the ages 0-4. Senior citizens (65+) constituted 8% of the population. In the non-Jewish sector, 51% of the population was between the ages of 0-19 (16.6% between the ages of 0-4), and in the Orthodox Jewish neighborhoods over 50% of the population was between the ages of 0 - 19.
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Jerusalem Demographics

Jerusalem Demographics - Young people constitute a very high proportion of Jerusalem's population. This is due mainly to the Orthodox Jewish and the non-Jewish populations, both of which have a high percentage of large families. The large number of children has important implications with regard to the public services provided for infants, children, and teenagers: formal and informal education, health services, etc. Similarly, the high percentage of senior citizens (65+) is significant in terms of the distribution of services allotted to them.
Jerusalem Demographics
Jews - 470,600 - Muslims - 231,700 - Christians - 14,500 - Others - 7,200 - Data 2006

Jerusalem Demographic and Social Characteristics

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