Across Derech Hevron to the west is the Talpiot Industrial Zone which has become one of Jerusalem main shopping districts and a popular night spot. To the east is the neighborhood of East Talpiot.
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Talpiot Talpiyot (lit. turrets, or magnificently built�), is a neighborhood in southeast Jerusalem, Israel, established in 1922 by Zionist pioneers.
Talpiot neighborhood was evacuated following the 1929 Hebron massacre. In the wake of the Israeli War of Independence, Talpiot became a frontier neighborhood, surrounded by Jordanian-controlled East Jerusalem, but Israelis continued to live there. The neighborhood expanded significantly after the 1967 Six-Day War, with new residential districts going up on the lands that once separated Israel and Jordan, including territory formerly controlled by the UN.
A large industrial zone is located on the outskirts of residential Talpiot. For many years, an old British army camp known as Mahane Allenby was a prominent feature of Talpiot. In the last decade, the camp was razed and luxury towers were built on the spot.
Talpiot today consists of several parts. "Old Talpiot" is the historic and well-established residential neighborhood founded in 1922. North Talpiot -- also known as Arnona -- is a newer neighborhood, built since 1967, offering panoramic views of Jerusalem
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"Jerusalem, all of gold; Jerusalem, bronze and light. Within my heart, I shall treasure your song and sight."

"Yerushalayim Shel Zahav" (Jerusalem of Gold) by Naomi Shemer
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The Talpiot program is also an elite academic program affiliated with the IDF.

Talpiot program is an elite Israel Defense Forces training program for young people who have demonstrated outstanding academic ability in the sciences, physics and mathematics. Graduates of the Talpiot program pursue higher education while serving in the army, and then utilize their expertise to further IDF research and development. The program was inaugurated in 1979.
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Talpiot Talpiyot neighborhood Jerusalem
Kanyon Hadar shopping mall on Pierre Koenig Street in Talpiot
Talpiot - Nightlife
Talpiot has become a hub of Jerusalem nightlife. There are several shopping malls in Talpiot (among them Kanyon Hadar on Pierre Koenig Street and Kanyon Ahim Yisrael on Yad Haharutzim Street), a multiplex cinema, a bowling alley, and dozens of nightclubs and discos including one of Israel's oldest and most popular nightclubs, Haoman 17.
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