Talpiot Tomb

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Discovered in 1980 in Talpiot neighborhood, five kilometers south of the Old City of Jerusalem. "The Talpiot Tomb" (or Talpiyot Tomb) contained ten ossuaries, six of them with epigraphs, including one with the inscription that has been interpreted as "Jesus, son of Joseph", though this text is disputed. The Talpiot Tomb also yielded various human remains and several carvings. Of the ten ossuaries, found inside the first-century tomb, six bore inscriptions: Jesus, son of Joseph; Maria; Mariamene (the name by which Mary Magdalene was known), Joseph, Matthew, and Judah, son of Jesus. At first dismissed by archaeologists as coincidence, the ossuaries were deposited in the endless warehouses of the Israel Antiquities Association and forgotten.
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The archaeological team that excavated the tomb in 1980 determined it to be from the Second Temple period, which lasted from about 538 B.C. to A.D. 70. Typical of the area, a tomb of this type would be assumed to have belonged to a wealthy Jewish family. About 900 similar tombs have been unearthed in the same area.

On March 28, 1980, a construction crew developing an apartment complex in Talpiot, Jerusalem, uncovered a tomb, which archaeologists from the Israeli Antiquities Authority excavated shortly thereafter. Archaeologist Shimon Gibson surveyed the site and drew a layout plan. Scholar L.Y. Rahmani later published "A Catalogue of Jewish Ossuaries" that described 10 ossuaries, or limestone bone boxes, found in the tomb.
Has the family Tomb of Jesus of Nazareth really been found. A rebuttal to the "Lost Tomb of Jesus" film. Joe Amaral leads an investigation into the claims of the film.
The Talpiot Tomb
The Israeli-born, Canadian-based filmmaker Simcha Jacobovici is reigniting claims, first made over a decade ago, that a burial cave uncovered 27 years ago in Talpiot, Jerusalem, is the tomb of Jesus of Nazareth and his family.But Bar-Ilan University Prof. Amos Kloner, the Jerusalem District archeologist who officially oversaw the work at the tomb in 1980 and has published detailed findings on its contents, on Saturday night dismissed the claims. "It makes a great story for a TV film," he told The Jerusalem Post. "But it's impossible. It's nonsense."

The secret of the Talpiot Tomb

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In response to recent world news headlines, The Secret of the Talpiot Tomb is a full-color text and visual presentation of the most compelling evidence for Jesus� victory over death. Written by research professor Gary Habermas, considered by many to be the world�s leading apologist for the historicity of Jesus� resurrection, this case for Christ�s immortality is placed in the context of new claims made about the alleged bones of Jesus having been discovered in the so-called Talpiot tomb located in southeast Jerusalem.
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The Talpiot Tomb