The German Colony or Hamoshava Hagermanit in Hebrew, neighborhood in Jerusalem.
The historical German Colony is located in southern Jerusalem and expands from both sides of Emek Refaim street. Map of German Colony. Emek Refaim (Valley of Refaim) is mentioned in the Book of Joshua and Samuel II. The name is derived from a legendary race of giants who lived in this region in biblical times.

"My place in Jerusalem is the German Colony, perhaps because it is the most "non-Jerusalem" place. There is a feeling of another place, such as Paris or another big city. You are in the heart of the the Middle East conflict, but the German Colony, with its cafes and with a normal movie theater, is an island of sanity in the complex Jerusalem reality."
Moshe Shlonsky, Journalist
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German Colony Jerusalem Streets

Emek Refaim
Gedaliah Alon
Lloyd George
Rachel Imenu
Tel Chai
Yehoshua Bin Nun
Gemeindehaus, communal hall - 1 Emek Refaim Street
Friedrich Eberle House - 10 Emek Refaim Street
Matthaus Frank House - 6 Emek Refaim Street
Pension Schmidt
Lev Smadar Theater - Formerly Orient Cinema, Lloyd George Street Convent of Borromean Sisters - Bethlehem Road
Templer Cemetery - 39 Emek Refaim Street
Imberger House
Shalom Hartman Institute - 11 Gedalyahu Alon Street
The German Colony was established in the 1870's by a sect of German Christians from Wurtenburg in south Germany, also know as German Templars.

The Natural Science Museum and The International Cultural and Community Center are located in the area.

In the last few years the German Colony has become a major Jerusalem location for restaurants and stores and it is a pleasure to stroll along the crowded main street in the evenings as people pass the time and meet friends.
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