The Jerusalem College of Technology is an academic institution, which combines professional academic studies with Jewish learning. Since its establishment in 1969, the Jerusalem College of Technology has filled a central role in raising scientific, technological, and industrial standards in the State of Israel, and at the same time setting ethical standards that guide and characterize its students and graduates.
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Jerusalem College of Technology
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Jerusalem College of Technology

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About JCT
The Jerusalem College of Technology (JCT) offers academic and practical studies at university level within a Torah environment. JCT is fully recognized by the Israel Council of Higher Education.
The Idealistic founder of the College, led by professor Ze'ev Lev (z"l), undertook three goals when they established JCT. To educate students who see the synthesis of Jewish values and a profession as their way of life. To provide the State of Israel with manpower for the country's developing high-tech industry who could also establish industries on their own. To produce strongly committed industrial leaders who are dedicated to a Jewish way of life, guided by their religious principles in both their personal and professional lives.
"How Beautiful is the study of Torah when combined with a worldly occupation"

JCT awards Bachelor of Science degrees in electronic engineering, applied physics/electro-optical engineering, medical engineering, software engineering, computer sciences, computational chemistry and industrial engineering. Other bachelor degree programs include managerial accounting and information systems, technical management and marketing, and nursing.