Armenian Guest House
Via Dolorosa 36 - POB. 51063, Jerusalem 91510
Email: 02-6260880
Austrian Hospice
Via Dolorosa 37 POB. 19600 Jerusalem 91194
Email: 02-6265800
Casa Nova, Custodia di Terra Santa
Casa Nova Road 10, New Gate, POB. 1321
Jerusalem 91013 Email: 02-6271441
Christ Church Guest House
Jaffa Gate POB. 14037 Old City, Jerusalem 91140
Email: 02-6277727
Dom Polski
Aqbat El Batikh 1, Old City, POB. 20256 Jerusalem 91202
Email: 02-6282017
Dom Polski
Hahoma Hashlishit Street 8 POB. 277, Jerusalem 91002
Email: sstela 02-6285916
Ecce Homo Convent
Via Dolorosa 41 POB. 19056 - Jerusalem 91190 Email: 02-6277292
Filles de la Charit? (for groups)
Shayyah Street, POB. 19080 - Jerusalem 91190 02-6284726
Franciscaines de Marie
Nablus Road 9 POB. 19049 - Jerusalem 91190
Email: 02-6260166
Foyer Mar Maroun
Maronite Convent Street 25, POB. 14219, Jerusalem 91140
Email: 02-6282158
Greek Catholic Patriarchate
Jaffa Gate, POB. 14130 - Jerusalem 91141
Email: 02-6271968
Lutheran Hospice
St. Mark's Road 7, Old City, POB. 14051 Jerusalem 91140
Email: 02-6266888
Maison D'Abraham
Ras El Amud, POB. 19680 Jerusalem 91196
Email: 02-6284591
Mary's House, The Brigettine Sisters
Mount of Olives, POB. 10561 Jerusalem 91101
Email: 02-6281801
Notre Dame Arche d'Alliance
Notre Dame Street 1, Kyriat-Yarim -Abu Gosh 90845
Email: 02-5342818
Notre Dame de Sion
Rehov Ha Oren 23 Ein Karim, Dalet Jerusalem 95744
Email: 02-6415738
Notre Dame of Jerusalem Center
opposite New Gate POB. 20531, Jerusalem 91204
Email: 02-6279111
Nablus Road 2, POB. 19070 - Jerusalem 91190
Email: 02-6267800
Rosary Srs. Convent
Guest house - Agron St. 14, POB. 54, Jerusalem 91000
Email: 02-6258529
St. Andrew's
David Remez St.1, POB. 8619 Jerusalem 91086
Email: 02-6732401
St. Charles Hospice
Lloyd George Str. 12, POB. 8020 Jerusalem 91080
Email: 02-5637737
St. Georges Cathedral G.H.
Nablus Road 20 POB. 19018, Jerusalem 91190
Email: 02-6282627
St. Thomas Home
Chaldean Street 6, POB. 19787, Jerusalem 91197
Email: 02-6282657
Ibn Jubayr Street Sheikh Jarrah, POB. 20044 Jerusalem 91199
Email: 02-6282593
Y.M.C.A. - West
King David Street 26, POB. 294 - Jerusalem 91002
Email: 02-5692692
Knights' Palace
Latin Pat. Street New Gate - POB. 14152, Jerusalem 91141
Email: 02-6282537
St. Peter in Gallicantu
Mt. Zion - POB. 31653 - Jerusalem 91316 Self-catering accommodation for organised groups on pilgrimage 02-6731739 02-6734837
New !!! Christian Guesthouses in Jerusalem
Alcazar is located in a quiet residential neighborhood in East Jerusalem
Alcazar Hostel Jerusalem
Jerusalem Hostels
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The Jerusalem Hostel & Guest House.
The best choice for the budget traveler.
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Alcazar Hostel Jerusalem
The Jerusalem Hostel Jerusalem Guest House
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Christian Guest Houses Jerusalem

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