The Model of Second Temple Jerusalem, one of the capital�s best-loved visitor sites, first opened in 1966 on the grounds of a Jerusalem hotel. It was built at the behest of the hotel�s owner, Hans Kroch, in memory of his son Jacob who fell in Israel's War of Independence. But when construction activities around the hotel necessitated the model�s move, the Israel Museum welcomed it, and it was reopened in 2006. The 1:50 model now occupies 21,500 square feet next to the landmark Shrine of the Book, where the Dead Sea Scrolls, the earliest copies of the Hebrew Bible ever found, are displayed. Ancient Jerusalem�s palaces, homes, courtyards, gardens, theater and markets are all there in intricate detail, crowned by the Temple, the spiritual center of the Jewish People and the largest building project in the world of its day.
A short film, screened in the new auditorium of the museum�s Dorot Foundation Information and Study Center, highlights the complexities of life in those days and is a companion piece to the Shrine of the Book and the model. The plot follows two fictional friends: one an acolyte of the sect that lived at Qumran where the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered, the other a young Jerusalem priest, as each seeks his spiritual path in troubled times.
The model�s new setting allows visitors both to circumnavigate it and to view it from above, getting a glimmer of the grandeur of this city, about which the sages said �ten measures of beauty were given to the world; nine were taken by Jerusalem.�
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The Model of Ancient Jerusalem

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Guide to The Model of Ancient Jerusalem at the time of the Second Temple in Israel Museum Jerusalem, Israel. Enables the visitor to study the city of Jerusalem, its topography and architecture, and to visualize life in the city at the time of the Second Temple, before the Jewish revolt against Rome and the destruction of the city in 70 CE.
The model was built to the scale of 1:50 (2 cm = 1 m) and is made mainly from local limestone, the same material which was employed in antiquity, Also used in the model were marble, ceramics, copper, iron and gold.
A visit to the site serves as a time tunnel, carrying the visitor far into A.D. 66, before Jerusalem was ransacked by the Romans. The Model is indeed the focal point of any visit to Jerusalem today.
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"Jerusalem, all of gold; Jerusalem, bronze and light. Within my heart, I shall treasure your song and sight."

"Yerushalayim Shel Zahav" (Jerusalem of Gold) by Naomi Shemer
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The reconstruction of Jerusalem at the time of the second temple, on the grounds of the Holyland Hotel Jerusalem, enables a glimpse at yesterday's scenes.
A visit to the site serves as a time tunnel, carrying the visitor far into A.D. 66, before Jerusalem was ransacked by the Romans.
This unique site, on this magnificient hill, is built to a 1:50 scale with authentic construction materials - Jerusalem stone, Marmor, Steel all based upon historical material - the Mishna, the Gemara, Josephus Flaviuse's accounts, and more, all meticulously carried out.
The Holyland Model was envisaged and built by the late propriator of the Hotel, Mr. Hans Kroch, with the very special help by the late Prof. Avi Yonah of the Hebrew University. The original work was done throughout 1964-1967, and during these last ten years the Model was both renovated and brought up to date archeologicaly under the supervision of Prof. Zafrir.
The Model is indeed the focal point of any visit to Jerusalem today.
Open daily 8:00-22:00. Buses 99, 21, 21A
To be reached 5 minutes from the Model - Mt. Hertzel, Yad Vashem.
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