Jerusalem by Night - Close to Safra Square
Another area of the city that is attractively lit up at night is the area around
Safra Square. The old and new stone buildings merge into one complex. The lighting wonderfully emphasizes the beauty of the Russian Orthodox Cathedral of the Holy Trinity, and you can also stop in at the illuminated Sergei Court-yard. It's very close to the center of nightlife in Jerusalem.
Closing the Night
The German Colony, beside Emek Refaim Street, is a lovely place to end the night - in one of the many restaurants and cafes there. The combination of an old neighborhood (established in 1873) that preserves its character, with places of entertainment, works excellently here. Pub crawlers and lovers of the night life will do fine in the Russian Compound, Shlomzion Street, the neighborhood of Nahalat Shiva, or the Talpiot district, at the southern end of the city. These places have become the centers of Jerusalem's nightlife.
A recommended place to watch the sunset is the neighborhood of Yemin Moshe. At dusk, the sun sends its last rays straight to Mt. Zion and the Old City walls, with the Tower of David rising above them. On days when visibility is good, you can also see the Judean Desert from here and beyond to the Mountains of Moab.
Until the sun completely sets, stroll the lanes of picturesque Yemin Moshe and , when it's really dark, proceed to the look-out point beside Zionist Confederation House (east of the King David Hotel). The walls are lit up as if with a magic wand. The view is fantastic.
On the adjacent Emile Botta Street, the impressive French Consulate, constructed in 1930, is also beautifully illuminated.
Now return to King David Street and walk up toward the YMCA complex, dedicated in 1933 by General Edmund Allenby. It is an architectural marvel, and the night illumination enhances the sites. The YMCA complex is composed of a central section with a tower in the middle, and two domed buildings adjacent which house a swimming pool and a concert hall. The pool and the hall express the needs of body and spirit.
In the lamplight, notice the relief on the 50-meter tall tower. This is an opportunity to spend some time in the cage at the Y and see the carvings on the Damascus wood ceiling.
Opposite the YMCA is the King David Hotel, also nicely lit. The lights emphasize the building's heavy and severe contour lines. Enter the magnificent lobby of the hotel, built in the 1930s and lookup. Its ornate ceiling is inspired by the ancient East. The motifs are repeated at entrances to rooms throughout the Hotel. The YMCA and the King David Hotel still look the same as they did in the British Mandate period.
Jerusalem by Night
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Jerusalem by night: After Sunset - Beer and Good Cheer
Cafes, restaurants and clubs abound in Jerusalem as in every other city. Add the nocturnal landscapes and there is no competition. I actually recommend that you begin your night time revelry in Jerusalem a bit before the sun sets. This is the special hour, in which Jerusalem and its sites - the Old City walls, the Western Wall, the Mount of Olives and the churches - are washed in a golden light.
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