The YMAC Building Project
The YMCA Jerusalem building development plan for the Jerusalem YMCA combines the preservation, renovation and upgrading of the historic YMCA building and its facilities with new construction in the open areas of the complex, particularly the former soccer stadium lying behind and to the west of the building.
The new structures will be harmoniously linked to create a functional-architectural composition. The plan is based on two main pedestrian walkways that converge at a central point and connect all the different functions of the YMCA complex.
Contrary to popular belief, there is a place in the Holy Land where Palestinians and Israelis peacefully coexist. Life at the YMCA Jerusalem International is unique in that members of all faiths gather together everyday to enjoy leisurely pastimes such as working out and drinking coffee.
The Jerusalem International YMCA is Owned by of the YMCA of the USA, with its elegant arches, domes and 152-foot observation tower, is a city landmark acknowledged as a center of cultural, athletic, social and intellectual life in Jerusalem fostering harmony and building the spirit, mind and body.
Founded in 1878, its first president was George Williams, who had established the first YMCA in 1844 in London.
The YMCA building houses a fitness center and swimming pool, Jewish-Arab kindergarten, 600-seat auditorium, library, restaurant, hotel and conference center. Almost a half-million people visit the YMCA annually.
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For decades, financial support from U.S. YMCAs and the international community has played an invaluable role in the success of the Arab-Jewish Peace Kindergarten and the teen and young adult coexistence programs. Programs such as these are critical to sustaining the momentum of acceptance and understanding that already has impacted generations of visitors to the Jerusalem International YMCA.
Overlooking Jerusalem's Old City and a designated city landmark, the spectacular three-building YMCA complex offers amenities such as a sports club, hotel and dining facilities. Visitors can also enjoy a concert and conference venue, community center and even an occasional wedding.

Since 1933, the
Jerusalem International YMCA has served as a place of hope and peace in the Holy Land. It has been a happy memory, a vibrant present and a hopeful future for Jerusalemites and visitors alike.
The view of Jerusalem from the YMCA’s tower is a worthwhile item on a visitor’s itinerary; the tower, in turn, is a dominant feature in the city’s landscape – even now, when office and hotel high-rises have outsized it. In fact, the whole YMCA building plays a major role in Jerusalem’s urban fabric, imparting, together with the King David Hotel opposite it, a sense of civic grandeur.
YMCA Jerusalem at Night
In keeping with the traditional role of worldwide YMCAs as a home away from home for visitors, the Jerusalem International YMCA offers two excellent guest facilities in the Holy Land – one in Jerusalem itself and the other by the Sea of Galilee.
Visitors are pleasantly surprised to find that the reasonably priced accommodations they have reserved far exceed their expectations in terms of comfort, beauty and location.
The YMCA’s international conference center and guest house on the shores of the Sea of Galilee, is one of the loveliest spots in the region.
Built for Dr. Archibald Harte, who was general secretary of the Jerusalem YMCA in the 1920s, the "Harte Villa" was bequeathed to the YMCA to be turned into a guest house after his death. For more information call: 972-4-6720685, fax: 972-4-6725943
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