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Gan Haatzmaut
Independence Park
Between Aggron, King George and Hillel Streets
Jerusalem, Israel
phone: +972 2 627 1422

Jerusalem Central Park – Independence Park

Independence Park Description
- (Gan Ha'atzmaut)
To the east of King George Street in Jerusalem is the Independence Park (Gan HaAtsmaut). In this large park is the Lion's Cave, in which legend has it that a pious lion guarded the remains of martyrs. At the east end of the park, in the grounds of an old Islamic cemetery, is the Mamilla Pool, a cistern which formed part of the water supply system of ancient Jerusalem.

Indulge yourself in the lush surroundings of Independence park. The stretch of green lawns and benches by fountains is an ideal space to enjoy a relaxing day. Families group together for their weekend picnics while others come here to spend a quite evening with friends. Sneak into the eastern part of the park where you can find green foliage over what pre-1948 Muslim cemetery. You can easily spot the domed grave of famous Mamluk Emir Aidughi Kubaki, who was buried in 1289. Forget the grave, just come here to take a breather from your stressful life.

The Independence Park in Jerusalem is one of the parks which have the repute of being an important attraction in Jerusalem.

The park is a popular stretch which acts as a short cut route to and from the town on foot. One can derive pleasure for the beauty and greens of the park at the benches which are fixed besides the fountains creating a calm and quite atmosphere perfect for taking rest. The park is also a favorite among the locals as a picnic spot in Jerusalem. One can sit back and relax under the basking sun and soak in the spirit of the park. It is also one of the Gay cruising areas of Jerusalem.
Independence Park - Jerusalem

Independence Park Jerusalem

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Independence Park - Jerusalem
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Searches related to: Independence Park Jerusalem
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Independence Park
A large park in the center of the city. It features the Mamilla Pool, and ancient part of Jerusalem's water supply system. There are large grassy areas and pine trees that provide sharde.