Chabad Dovrei Tzarfatit - Moshava Germanit
Address: Ha-Rosmarin 6/8
Jerusalem, 93148 Israel
Phone: 972-54-483-3764
Rabbi Yitzchok Chaviv
Chabad Ein Kerem
Address: Ein Kerem 6
Jerusalem, 91305 Israel
Phone: 972-54-640-9770
Rabbi Yonatan Shpitzer
Mrs. Devorah Leah Shpitzer
Chabad for the Russian Speaking
Address: Shderot Sayeret Dukhifat 15/4
Jerusalem, Israel
Phone: 972-77-329-4959
Rabbi Meir Hertzel
Mrs. Esther Hertzel
Chabad Givat Mordechai
Address: Heller 1/11
Jerusalem, 93725 Israel
Phone: 972-2-648-2770
Rabbi Yaakov Slonim
Mrs. Nechma Slonim
Chabad Har Khoma
Address: Ha-Rav Yitskhak Nisim 38
Jerusalem, 93125 Israel
Phone: 972-2-645-3728
Rabbi Menachem Brand
Chabad house Central Jerusalem Nakhalat Shiv'a
Address: Ma'alot Nakhalat Shiv'a 5
Jerusalem, Israel
Phone: 972-77-820-1770
Rabbi Yosef Slonim
Chabad House of Holyland
Address: Duvdevani 7/2
Jerusalem, 96428 Israel
Phone: 972-2-643-5257
Rabbi Shmuel Bar Kochva
Mrs. Esther Bar Kochva
Chabad Ir Ganim
Address: Avivit 21, Ir Ganim
Jerusalem, 91263 Israel
Phone: 972-2-643-1123
Rabbi Begin Kalimi
Chabad Jerusalem - Pisgat Zeev Hamerkaz
Address: Khayim Pazner 10/23
Jerusalem, 97522 Israel
Phone: 972-2-585-2473
Rabbi Ariel Paz Mrs. Leah Paz
Chabad Jerusalem-Pisgat Zeev Tzafon
Address: Sderat Moshe Dayan 39
Jerusalem, Israel
Phone: 972-2-5838770
Rabbi Levi Yitzchak Kurtz
Chabad Kiryat Yovel
Address: Uruguay 1
Jerusalem, 91092 Israel
Phone: 972-54-465-5770
Rabbi Yosef Elgazi
Chabad of Baka Center for English Speaking
Address: Fayir Kenig 17A Suite 4
Jerusalem, 1234 Israel
Phone: 972-54-830-5799
Rabbi Avraham Hendel
Mrs. Dina Hendel
Chabad of Gilo - Jerusalem
Address: Merkaz Mischari Chadash 800a
Jerusalem, 91112 Israel
Phone: 972-2-676-0984
Rabbi Hirsh Farber
Chabad of Givha Tzarfatit - Jerusalem
Address: Hahagana 6 -Givha Tzarfatit
Jerusalem, 97852 Israel
Phone: 972-2-581-5196
Rabbi Michoel Halperin
Chabad of Jerusalem
Address: 5 Uriel Street
Jerusalem, 91410 Israel
Phone: 972-2-582-7224
Rabbi Sholom Gamliel
Chabad of Katamon & Gonen
Address: Amatsya 2
Jerusalem, 91084 Israel
Phone: 972-2-567-0770
Rabbi Tamir Kastiel
Chabad of Malcha
Address: Stromah 16
Jerusalem, 96955 Israel
Phone: 972-77-335-5213
Rabbi Baruch Hadad
Mrs. Miriam Hadad
Chabad of Old City - Jerusalem
Address: Chabad 31, Old City
Jerusalem, 97500 Israel
Phone: 972-2-628-4899
Rabbi Menachem M. Ozdoba
Chabad of Pisgat Ze'ev Mizrach
Address: Giyora Yospetel 9/6
Jerusalem, Israel
Phone: 972-2-656-1007
Rabbi Siman Tov Klimian
Chabad of Ramot - Jerusalem
Address: Rubin 29, Ramot 4
Jerusalem, 97725 Israel
Phone: 972-2-586-0067
Rabbi Yaakov Zonenfeld
Chabad of Talpiot Mizrach
Address: Olei Hagardom 2, Armon Hanatziv
Jerusalem, 91290 Israel
Phone: 972-2-6712865
Rabbi Chaim Gotlieb
Chabad of the Business District - Givat Shaul
Beit ha-Dfus 11 Jerusalem, Israel
Phone: 972-50-414-1653 
Rabbi Moshe Cattan
Chabad of the Cardo
Address: Cardo 1 Harova Hayehudi
Jerusalem, 95000 Israel
Phone: 972-2-627-2217
Rabbi Mendel Deren
Chabad of the Western Wall
Address: 3 Ein Gedi #10
Jerusalem, Israel
Phone: 972-544-500-517
Rabbi Yosef Halperin
Chabad Synagogue Ohel Chaya
Avivit Street 2, Iyr Ganim
Jerusalem, 95000 Israel
Phone: 972-2-2431-123
Chabad of Hebrew University
Hagana 24/3, Givah Tzorfatit
Jerusalem, 97886 Israel Phone: 972-2-581-4353
Chabad Ramat Beit Kerem
Moshe Kol 57/10
Jerusalem, Israel Phone: 972-77-500-9289
A directory of Chabad-Lubavitch Centers in Jerusalem Israel. These centers offer Torah classes, synagogue services, and assistance with Jewish education.
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Chabad-Lubavitch Centers in Jerusalem Israel

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Chabad House in Jerusalem for Rechavia & Nachlaot
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Chabad House in Jerusalem for Rechavia & Nachlaot
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