Date Tour Description Route
April 2010
3.4.2010 REHAVIA: National institutions, a large and beautiful monastery, a high school and a presiden. A garden neighborhood with some very important residents. Jaffa St., Keren Hayesod St., Keren Kayemet le Israel st., Abarbanel st. to Yad Ben Zvi, Ussishkin St., Rambam St., Ramban St.
10.4.2010 CITY OF DAVID: King David’s city is hidden away in a corner north of today’s Old City. We will try to understand why David selected the Yebos for his capital, and realize that actual size of the ancient town. Jaffa Gate, Old City Walls Park, Zion Gate, Dung Gate, City of David.
17.4.2010 THE MOUNT OF OLIVES: The highest mountain in Jerusalem, traditions of Jesus and Mohamed, and what is expected in the Armageddon. We will visit churches – Byzantine and modern. Jaffa Gate, the Jewish Quarter, the Dung Gate, the City Walls, to the Mount of Olives, the Church of All Nations, the Maria Magdalena Church, up to the Dominus Flavit Church.
24.4.2010 Zichron Moshe    
Free walking tours on Saturdays

Municipality of Jerusalem, Tourism Authority, walking Tours in Jerusalem.
* The tours are free and without Sabbath desecration.
* For English speakers
* Duration - up to 3 hours

* Licensed Guides

* The tours take place in all weather condition

* Meet 10 a.m. at Safra Square, 24-26 Jaffa Rd

* Changes may occur in the routes.
* For more details: 02-5314600.
Synagogues - A comprehensive listing of Jerusalem Synagogues, Jerusalem Shuls and Jerusalem Jewish Temples.
Churches - Complete guide to the Churches in Jerusalem, including photos.
Mosques - A complet list of Mosques
Yeshivas - A list of Yeshivas in Jerusalem
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Free tour in Jerusalem with touristguide "Kobi" to the secrets of old city of Jerusalem

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The Municipality of Jerusalem organizes guided tours in Safra Square every Monday at 10 a.m. They are conducted in Hebrew and English. Charge: NIS 10 per person. The tour meets beside the palm trees in the center of the Square.
Date Tour Description Route
May 2010
1.5.2010 THE KIDRON VALLEY: Tombas along the valley. Who is actually buried in them? Why were such splendid tombs actually built? And what are the beliefs related to them? Jaffa Gate, the Jewish Quarter, the Dung Gate, the Kidron Valley, Yad Avshalom, the Tomb of Zechariya, the Tombs of Bnei Hazir.
8.5.2010 THE NORTHERN WALLS: Along the northern wall, its gates, sentinels and parks. The New Gate, Damascus Gate, the Flowers Gate, the Garden Tomb.
15.5.2010 TALBIEH: One of Jerusalem’s most exclusive neighborhoods. Who lives in the villas? Who built them and why? Where did the original owners disappear to? Gan Ha’atzmaut, Terra Sancta, Balfour St., Salame Square, D'Israeli St., up to the Jerusalem Theatre
22.5.2010 ABU TOR: A mixed neighborhood in the middle of Jerusalem. The municipal line that once dissected the city. Tales of front-line Israel and Jordanian positions, no-man’s land and demilitarized zones. King David St. to Yemin Moshe, the Cinemateque Bridge, the Mount Zion Hotel, Ein Rogel St., Yishay St., Naomi St., Assa’el St.
29.5.2010 HINOM VALLEY: What is the gateway to Hell? Where – during the First Temple Period – was death a tangible neighbor? Secrets from the past and the present. King David St. to Shamai St., the Sultan’s Pool, Hinom Valley.