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The Dung Gate in Jerusalem city wall near the Temple Mount is Dung Gate, which leads downhill to the Arab neighborhood of Silwan.
The Dung Gate - is the nearest gate to the Western Wall. It is low and narrow, just wide enough to permit the passage of a man and his donkey... Much of the City's refuse is taken to the Kidron Valley by an ancient sewer which runs beneath this gate.
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Sha'ar Ha'ashpot, Gate of Silwan, Mograbi Gate
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Dung Gate Jerusalem

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Dung Gate Jerusalem
Dung Gate — Found in the south wall, this gate is closest in proximity to the Temple Mount. Since the 2nd century, refuse has been hauled out of the city through this gate, hence the name.
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Dung Gate Name

The name Sha'ar Ha'ashpot appears in the Book of Nehemiah:3:13-14. It is probably named after the residue that was taken from the Jewish Temple into the Valley of Hinnom, where it was burned. This ancient "Dung Gate" may not have been in the same location as the modern gate.
The name Mograbi gate (Bab El Magharbeh) is called after the Moors' history in the area.
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