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The Monastery of the Cross in Jerusalem built in 11th century by Georgians (under the patronage of Queen Tamar of Georgia), is situated in the Valley of the Cross overlooked by the Israel Museum and the Knesset.
The Monastery of the Holy Cross, built in the 5th-6th cent. A.D. It was rebuilt by a Georgian King in the 11th cent. Since then, it has been ransacked many times but never destroyed.
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Monastery of the Cross Jerusalem

Sited far from the city center, the monastery of the cross still keeps today the general aspect of a fortress.
The Holy cross monastery church has been recently restored. A mosaic floor and wall paintings of good workmanship are preserved in it.
The monastery is currently occupied by monks of the Jerusalem Patriarchate.
Returning back to the Holy City from the Monastery of the Holy Cross, along the roadside, we come across the Mamilla Pool with some nearby caves.
The Monastery of the Cross in Jerusalem
The Holy cross monastery Jerusalem
The Monastery of the Cross is a solitary Byzantine monastery located outside the Old City of Jerusalem. Its name is based on the tradition that it stands where the tree grew that was used to make Christ's cross.
There was a Christian church on this site in the 5th century, but it was destroyed by the Persians in 614 AD (you can see part of the original mosaic floor next to the main altar in the present church).
The Monastery of the Cross high, fortress-like walls reflect its precarious position outside the city walls.
By the 14th century, the monastery had become the center of the Georgian community in Jerusalem. By 1685, however, the monastery had been taken over by the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate.
The simple dome is one of the church's most beautiful features. Also worth seeing are the frescoes, which were repainted in the 17th century based on 13th century originals and show an usual combination of Christian, pagan, and worldly images. The monastery's refectory and kitchen provide a glimpse into monastic life. A small museum displays the monastery's treasures.
The monastery remains active today, but visitors are permitted to wander freely around the monastery complex.
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The Holy cross monastery in the snow Ester Inbar

Monastery of the Cross


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