Ammunition Hill is the main official memorial symbolizing the liberation and reunification of Jerusalem. Bounded by Sderot Eshkol and Nablus Road, near Mount Scopus, Ammunition Hill (hebrew Giv'at HaTahmoshet) was a military post in Jordanian controlled East Jerusalem, and the site of one of the fiercest battles of the Six Day War.
Ammunition Hill Jerusalem, was located across from a police academy, with a fortified trench connecting them. The site was built by the British during their Mandatory government of Palestine in the 1930s, and was used to store the police academy's ammunition. Following the 1948 Arab-Israeli War, the post remained under control of the Jordanian Arab Legion, severing the link with West Jerusalem. In the wake of the Jordan-Israel Armistice Agreement, parts of Mount Scopus remained an Israeli enclave in Jordanian-held territory, with the Jordanians blocking access to Hadassah Hospital and the campus of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem on the hilltop.
The post consisted of tens of bunkers built along the three main trenches. When the Six Day War broke out, the post was defended by a reinforced Jordanian company of 150 soldiers, of the El-Hussein regiment
Some of the fiercest and bloodiest fighting took place here. The hill, in Jordianian hands from 1948-1967, was the key road to East Jerusalem and the garrison on Mount Scopus.
The Jordanian bunkers have been left as a memorial. The complex consists of an outdoor museum, public gardens and parking lot, an underground museum, a library and an auditorium where documentary audio-visual shows in many languages are screened throughout the day.
The Adler Trio played the song 'Ammunition Hill' at the Six Day War's victory celebration. Yoram Teharlev knows that the song is the reason the hill turned into a memorial. On the war's 40th anniversary they met to perform a new cover version
"This song was written a few months after the war," says Yoram Teharlev, who wrote the lyrics to 'Ammunition Hill.'
"At that time, the IDF magazine 'Bamahane' published a special issue dedicated to the stories of soldiers who received medals for heroic conduct. Reading the stories about the warriors in the Ammunition Hill battle, I decided to write a song about it. I took the soldiers' stories and combined them alongside the facts about the battle. The song was performed by the army's Central Command band."
Forty years later, especially for Ynet, the Adler Trio and Little Johnny perform the song Click here to view
In 1975, a memorial site was inaugurated in which a part of the old post was preserved and a museum was built. One wall in the museum lists the names of the 182 Israeli soldiers killed in the battles for the capture of Jerusalem. In 1987, the site was declared a national memorial site. The main ceremony on Yom Yerushalayim (Jerusalem Day) is held there.

Ammunition Hill Memorial and Museum in Jerusalem

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Ammunition Hill Jerusalem

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Ammunition Hill is the main official memorial symbolizing the liberation and reunification of Jerusalem. The fortification is preserved as it was in the war and there is an underground museum that commemorates the soldiers who fell in the battle as well as an exhibit displaying the stages of the battle,including the three brigades, the Air Force and the Central Command who liberated Jerusalem.
183 soldiers fell in those six days of fighting and the museum of Ammunition Hill is dedicated to their memory. It was here that many lost their lives and it was the capture of this hill that made it possible for the Israeli soldiers to forge ahead into the Old City and eventually allow the paratroopers to reconquer the Old City of Jerusalem.
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Lyrics of the Hebrew song "Giv'at HaTachmoshet" in English

Ammunition Hill Memorial Site Jerusalem
Ammunition Hill Memorial Site Jerusalem
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