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Har Nof Jerusalem Neighborhood - Har Nof (Hebrew?, lit. scenic mountain) is a neighborhood on a hillside on the western boundary of Jerusalem, Israel, with a population of 20,000 residents, primarily Orthodox Jews. The Har Nof neighborhood in Jerusalem was built between 1979 and 1984 and the first residents moved into their homes in 1985.
The Har Nof Jerusalem neighborhood is situated on a ridge in the west of Jerusalem and is clearly separated by its topographical characteristics from other areas. The ridge on which Har Nof is built has a very steep slope and as a result there are significant altitudinal differences between internal streets. The neighborhood has an unrestricted view of the Judean Hills hence the name Har Nof (view of the hills).

The western part of Har Nof borders the industrial zone of Givat Shaul. On its other sides the neighborhood borders the Jerusalem Forest.

There are 20,000 residents in Har Nof with one of the highest birth rates in Jerusalem. More than 60% are Haredim (ultra-orthodox) and the remainder are religious-Zionist. The neighborhood has high density building with few parks and playgrounds.
Har Nof Jerusalem Neighborhood
Har Nof Jerusalem Neighborhood
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Har Nof Jerusalem