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Church of the Redeemer

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Lutheran Church of the Redeemer was built in the Christian Quarter of Jerusalem in 1869. Church of the Redeemer, Jerusalem, tourist attractions, information, pictures, maps.
The Church of the Redeemer Jerusalem Israel
The Church of the Redeemer around 1900.

A History of the Redeemer Church and the Property

The Redeemer church Jerusalem building itself and the land on which it stands have a long and interesting history. The church is built on the site of the medieval church St. Mary la Latine, which fell into ruin, and then a second St. Mary�s church and a St. John�s church were built as part of a huge building complex which was called the Muristan, the Persian word for hospital. Nearby there is said to have been a hospice (hostel) for western pilgrims, near the place of Jesus� death and resurrection.
Only as of the eleventh century is it possible to have a more exact history. People from Italy revitalized the Convent of St. Mary la Latine before 1070, and a hospital was established near the Church of St. John. When the Crusaders were the administrators of Jerusalem during the twelfth century, the religious brothers who served in the hospital developed into one of the three great orders of knights, the Order of the Knights of St. John. They cared for the pilgrims who visited Jerusalem, many of whom became ill and needed nursing. Thus the knights also became known as �hospitallers.� For a century, 1099-1187 the Muristan was the headquarters of the Knights of St. John, with churches and hospitals. It is reported that at times there were up to 2000 patients with hundreds of nursing brothers caring for them.
When the Turkish ruler, Saladin, conquered Jerusalem in 1187, the hospital continued as an Islamic institution, but by the sixteenth century the Muristan fell into ruins. The City of Jerusalem and its churches were all but forgotten by the west. In the beginning of the nineteenth century, however, pilgrims began coming once again to Jerusalem and by 1840 European nations and churches wanted to be represented in Jerusalem.
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The Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Redeemer - Jerusalhem Video YouTube
HoursMon-Sat 9am-1pm and 2-5pm. English services Sun 9am

LocationBetween Muristan Bazaar and Suq Khan es Zeit Bazaar


PricesAdmission to tower NIS 5 ($1.25/60p)
The Evangelical Lutheran Churc
h of the Redeemer
The Evangelical Lutheran Church of Beit Sahour
P.O.Box 35
Beit Sahour, Palestine
via Israel

Office: 972-2-277-3710
Fax: 972-2-277-3710
Pastor Imad Haddad
Home: 972-2-274-8954
Cell: Palestinian Jawwal 0598907382
Cell: Israel Orange 0547963110