For whom are the visits intended ?
The Archives is not intended to be only for historians. On the contrary, the Archives invites the wider public to get to know its treasures and the collections it holds. Our guided tours are intended for groups only and are suitable for a variety of visitors, including high school students, college and university students, teachers, counselors, soldiers, new immigrants, tourists and members of institutions and organizations

How to plan a visit ?

Guided tours should be arranged at least two weeks in advance. Our program is modular and can be adapted to fit the group�s special requests. While our lecture hall can provide seating for 50 people, we recommend that tours be limited to a maximum of 25 participants.
In order to arrange a tour and to receive additional information, please call the Outreach, Education and Public Relations Department at 02-6204825.
Central Zionist Archives Jerusalem
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The Central Zionist Archives (CZA) is an archive in Jerusalem

Central Zionist Archives Jerusalem

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The Central Zionist Archives (CZA) is an archive in Jerusalem, Israel, housing the historical archives of the Zionist movement from 1880-1970 and documenting the growth of the Zionist movement throughout the world.
Landmark Buildings and Monuments > Central Zionist Archives

Central Zionist Archives

Touring the Central Zionist Archives

The Central Zionist Archives is situated at the entrance to Jerusalem, opposite the Central Bus Station and adjacent to Binyanei Ha�uma (the International Congress Center, ICC).
The CZA is the archives of the Zionist movement. It�s records cover the years 1880-1970 and document the growth of the Zionist movement worldwide, the development of the Jewish Home in Palestine and various aspects of the history of the Jewish people in the last 120 years.
The Archives invites the public to visit it in Jerusalem or at this site: its holdings tell a myriad stories of individuals and the collective story of a people.
Contact The Central Zionist Archives

Central Zionist Archives
Zalman Shazar 4
POBox 92
Jerusalem 91000
Telephone, fax and email
Telephone: 972-2-6204800
Fax: 972-2-6204837Email:
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