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Located on the eastern side of the Kidron Valley, on the lower westerm slope of the Mount of Olives is The Tomb of Zechariah. Tomb of Zechariah probably was constructed in the second century B.C. - well after the Old Testament Period. It was in existence in Jesus' day.
This monument is impressive for what was done and when. It looks much like the mausoleums of today, but this was carved out of a single piece of stone more than two-thousand years ago. The tomb, itself is five meters square, adorned with Ionic columns. There are dozens of tombs in the Kidron valley, but this is the only one crowned by a stone pyramid. Stone is an important medium in the story of Zechariah. He was killed in the Temple Courts of the First Temple, and his blood stain could not be removed. Looking inside Zechariah's tomb, you can see it is also stained.
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And the spirit of God cloaked Zechariah ben Yehoyadah, the priest, and he stood over the people and said to them, 'So sayeth the Lord, "Why have you forsaken the commandments of God, though you do not succeed? Since you have left God, He shall leave you." And the (people) banded together and atoned him at the command of the king in the courtyard of the House of God."

Chronicles II 24:20-22
Zechariah - In Hebrew: God will remember him. (Zechar - remember; Iah - God).
Zechariah was a prophet in Judea. According to the Biblical dating his prophets were from 520-518BC at the time Darius, as described in the book of Zechariah. The Bible also tells us (2 Chronicles 24) that he was killed, stoned to death, in the temple by the orders of King Yoash.
There is no certainty, nor documentation, that certifies that this monumental Tomb of Zechariah is indeed the prophet's tomb. The tradition of the name of the tomb is from the middle ages; it is first described in 1215 AD by Menachem Hachevroni (according to Z. Vilani).
The Tomb of Zechariah was a site of Jewish prayers, especially in 9th of the month of Av - the day of the destruction of the temple. There were some documented stories that told of prayers for rain on dry winters (such as in years 1651 and 1690) which succeeded and stopped the drought.
The structure, which has a pyramid - shaped roof, is located near Absalom's Monument, and the two are believed to have been constructed during the Second Temple period. The monument's architecture exhibits both Egyptian influences in terms of its pyramid, and Greek influences in terms of its Corinthian columns. These two features have enabled archeologists to date the tomb to the first century B.C.
According to Jewish tradition, this is the Tomb of Zechariah Ben Jehoiada , who was stoned at the command of King Jehoash, as recorded in II Chronicles 24:20-21.
Tomb of Zechariah Ben Yehouadah

Tomb of Zechariah Ben Yehoyadah

Tomb of Zechariah

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