On the northwestern ridge of the neighborhood lies Har HaMenuchot, Jerusalem's largest cemetery. Between the northern section of Givat Shaul and the cemetery is another commercial zone consisting of several large stores and office buildings. The Herzog psychiatric hospital, Egged's bus maintenance facility, and the main depot for the Jerusalem municipality's sanitation services are also located there.
Givat Shaul Cemetery Jerusalem
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Givat Shaul Cemetery Jerusalem

Givat Shaul Jerusalem

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Givat Shaul An almost exclusively religious neighborhood in Jerusalem. Givat Shaul (Saul's Hill) is a neighborhood in western Jerusalem, 820 meters about sea level, named after the "Rishon Lezion," Rabbi Yaakov Shaul, the Sephardi chief rabbi of Eretz Israel, and not, as commonly believed, for the biblical King Saul, whose capital was probably located on a hill near Pisgat Ze'ev, on the way to Ramallah.It is located at the western entrance to the city, east of the neighborhood of Har Nof and north of Kiryat Moshe.
Givat Shaul neighborhood, is populated with modest working people, most of them quite religious, but not of the sort who wear a special garb, or have made religion their first and foremost cause. Many of the people are independents. That is, not salaried workers. Some work with their hands in any number of crafts, and some are book keepers, and providers of different services. There are a few restaurants, one of the largest bakeries in Jerusalem, and next to the residential area, there is also a commercial area where there are a number of factories, work shops, print shops, and publishers. You will find many schools and educational facilities there, including a school for the blind. And quite a few Rabbinical seminaries.

Givat Shaul Cemetery Jerusalem

Givat Shaul today

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Several important yeshivot, or religious seminaries, are located in Givat Shaul, among them the Jerusalem branch of Yeshivas Pressburg. Well-known rabbis who live in Givat Shaul are Rabbi Avrohom Yitzchok Ulman and Rabbi Mordechai Eliyahu.
The population consists of a mix of Haredi and Religious Zionist Jews. The northernmost part of the neighborhood, directly above Highway 1, is a Haredi neighborhood, while many of the residents of the southern part, bordering Kiryat Moshe, are modern Orthodox. Givat Shaul Street is closed to traffic on Shabbat and Jewish holidays.
The Givat Shaul commercial center on Kanfei Nesharim street is lined with shops, clothing outlets and office buildings, housing many government agencies and ministry departments. Two of Jerusalem's largest bakeries (Angel's Bakery and Bermann), are located in the Givat Shaul industrial zone. On the western ridge of the neighborhood lies Har HaMenuchot, Jerusalem's largest cemetery.
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