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Tombs of the Kings Jerusalem
The Tomb of the Kings Also known as Tomb of Queen Helene/Helena of Adiabene. Generally regarded as the largest and most beautiful tomb in Jerusalem, the so-called "Tomb of the Kings" was the final resting place for the family of Queen Helene of Adiabene in the first century A.D. Located 820 m north of the Old City walls, the tomb got its name from early explorers who believed that this magnificent tomb housed members of the dynasty of David.
If the Temple Mount is Heaven, then the valleys around it represent the opposite. The valleys surrounding Jerusalem's Old City have long been associated with Hell and the Last Judgment. According to sources in the Bible and elsewhere, and archaeological finds, the Kidron and Hinnom Valleys were a busy burying ground. Hundreds of graves, mostly from the Second Temple Period and belonging to wealthy Jews, lie scattered here.
King David's Tomb - Old Jerusalem
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Behind Saint George's, on the left side as you head down Saladin Street, is a gate marked "Tombeau des Rois." About 6m (20 ft.) down a stone stairway, you'll see a hollowed-out courtyard, with several small cave openings. Inside one are four sarcophagi, covered with carvings of fruit and vines. Despite the name, the tomb is for the family of Queen Helena of the Mesopotamian province of Adiabene, who converted to Judaism in Jerusalem around A.D. 50.
Tombs of the Kings (Qubur es-Salatin in arabic) - Check out "Tomb of the Kings" pictures and other Jerusalem general travel photos

Tomb of the Kings. Address: Jerusalem, Near the St. George Monastery and the American Colony Hotel
There are a number of sites known as the Tombs of the Kings

Located 18 feet below street level, these grand tombs were built in 45 C.E. by Queen Helena of Adiabene, Mesopotamia, after she and her sons settled in Jerusalem and converted to Judaism.
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King David's Tomb - Old Jerusalem

The Tombs of the Kings in 1903.

Tomb of the Kings

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