Mevakshei Derech in Jerusalem has a membership of roughly 180 families and individuals.
Kehillat (Congregation) Mevakshei Derech, located in the tree-lined San Simon neighborhood of Jerusalem, has been affiliated with the Israel Movement for Progressive Judaism (Reform) since 1999. The Kehilla was founded in 1962 by a group of people dedicated to establishing an ethical and cultural movement in Israel based on Jewish values, inspired by the vision of the prophets, and committed to the principles of democracy, pluralism, and tolerance.

A Unique Progressive Congregation in Jerusalem

Mevakshei Derech offers an intensive Bar/Bat Mitzvah program, courses on Jewish thought and texts for adults and educational activities for new immigrants.
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Mevakshei Derech Website
Executive Director Cantor Iris Beth Weiner
Shai Agnon 22
Jerusalem 93589
Phone: 011-972-2-679-2501 Fax: 011-972-2-678-6207
Mevakshay Derekh or Mevakshei Derech | KBY | Jerusalem
Mevakshay Derekh or Mevakshei Derech | KBY | Jerusalem
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Kehillat Mevakshei Derech

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